Well done to everyone within the group for winning the Jessops Cup 2011. The Jessops Cup has been the competition that we have almost, nearly, but never quite won, however this year was ours in bringing home the trophy from last years winners Sandown & Shanklin District Camera Club.

 For full results see inside the forum but its well worth noting here that our William and Anne both scored a perfect 10 with Wil's image 'Rose', and Anne's 'Hands'.

The Jessops cup was my first time in front of such a large group of people and can honestly say I found it difficult, so I tip my hat to the likes of Campbell who make such a polished performance of compare.

I'd also like to mention an image from a Niton & District Camera Club member, 'Burning Your Boat' by Tony O'nions. I like many have no idea how Tony produced such a gob smacking image but Kudos to him for producing it. Absolutely stunning and a well deserved perfect 10.

Thank you to everyone who made it on the night and to all Wight Balance members.